Robert Rosencrans, American businessman, Died at 89


Robert Morris “Bob” Rosencrans was born on March 26, 1927, and died on August 3, 2016.

He was a cable television industry pioneer.

Robert Rosencrans helped create C-SPAN, an American public affairs television network.

Additionally, Richard helped launch the television networks BET and MSG, a predecessor of the USA Network.

He had joined Box Office Television (BOT), which produced programming for hotels and wanted to offer closed-circuit programming, such as sports games and live theater, to movie theaters.

Robert Rosencrans conceived the idea of a cable system after BOT purchased TelePrompTer in 1956 with the goal of expanding its closed-circuit programming.

During 1961, he and other investors began acquiring cable systems in smaller towns.

During 1975, Rosencrans’ Columbia Cable Systems (which later became UA-Columbia Cablevision) invested nearly $100,000 which became the first cable operator to install a satellite receiving station.

They did so in order to broadcast “Thrilla in Manila”, the third and final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, to its subscribers in Florida.

He left behind his wife of 59 years, Marjorie Meyers, their four children, and eleven grandchildren.

He died due to a stroke.

Robert Rosencrans passed away at 89 years old.