Rita Renoir, French strip-teaser and actress, Died at 82


Rita Renoir was born on January 19, 1938, and died on May 4, 2016.

She was a French strip-teaser and actress.

Vedette of the Crazy Horse Saloon, Renoir was, in her time, she was one of the most famous European strip-teasers.

Rita Renoir was chosen by Michelangelo Antonioni to play the role of Emilia in The Red Desert, (1964) and the following year she made her theatrical debut in René de Obaldia’s Du vent dans les branches de sassafras, alongside Michel Simon’.

During 1967, she was the lead actress in Jean-Jacques Lebel’s representation of the Pablo Picasso’s drama Le Désir Attrapé par la Queue (Desire Caught by the Tail).

Rita Renoir passed away at 82 yrs old.