Rita Barberá, Spanish politician, Died at 68


María Rita Barberá Nolla was born on July 16, 1948, in Valencia, and died on November 23, 2016.
She was the Mayor of Valencia, Spain from 1991 to 2015.
Rita was a member of the National Council of the People’s Party of Spain and was a Representative in the Valencian regional Parliament (Corts Valencianes).
Rita Barberá turned down an offer to become a national deputy at the 2008 Spanish General Election, but was made a senator by her party after losing the 2015 municipal elections.
However, she was only answerable to the Tribunal Supremo, and therefore the ordinary judge in charge of the Taula case could not indict her for corruption like the rest of her team.
She died in Madrid of a heart attack.
Rita Barberá passed away at 68 years old.