Rip Hawkins, football player, Minnesota Vikings, Died at 76

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Ross Cooper “Rip” Hawkins (born April 21, 1939) is a former professional American football player.

He played five seasons in the National Football League with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings are sending thoughts and condolences to the family of Ross Cooper “Rip” Hawkins, who has passed away at the age of 76.

Mary Hawkins, his wife of almost 30 years, met Rip in Denver years after his five seasons with the Vikings.

She said his essence was one of “fierce determination, coupled with humility” that kept him from talking much about his playing days and statistics unless prodded by someone else.

Through her own experiences and stories from others, Mrs. Hawkins learned her husband “was the world’s biggest Teddy bear off the field but a rhino on the field.”