Rick Parfitt, British singer, songwriter and guitarist, Died at 68


Richard John “Rick” Parfitt was born on October 12, 1948, and died on December 24, 2016.

He was an English musician.

He was best known for being a singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist in the rock band Status Quo.

After a heart attack, Parfitt had a quadruple heart bypass in 1997, when he was told by doctors that he could die “at any time” unless he changed his lifestyle of drugs, smoking and heavy drinking.

He had several more heart attacks after that during or after several shows.

During 1973, he married his first wife, Marietta Boeker, and in 1974 they had their first son, Richard, better known as sports car racer and musician Rick Parfitt Jnr.

They also had a daughter, Heidi, who drowned in the family pool at the age of 2.

Rick marry his second wife and former girlfriend, Patty Beedon, in 1988

Rick secretly became engaged to fitness instructor Lyndsay Whitburn

Parfitt in a Marbella hospital from sepsis.

Rick Parfitt passed away at 68 years old.