Richie Giachetti, American boxing trainer, Died at 76


Richie Giachetti was born in 1939, in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and died on February 3, 2016.

He was an American boxing trainer.

He has worked with a number of world champions, including Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson.

Richie first worked in boxing in 1961 and also helped Don King in his first promotion with Muhammad Ali.

Richie Giachetti was most recognized for guiding Larry Holmes to the heavyweight championship and trained many other top fighters of the 70’s and 80’s including the like of Earnie Shavers, Aaron Pryor and Greg Page.

After Mike Tyson was dethroned of his heavyweight crown by James “Buster” Douglas in 1990 in a 10th-round knockout in Tokyo, King inserted Richie as Tyson’s trainer.

Richie Giachetti trained Tyson for his next upcoming four fights, those against Henry Tillman, Alex Stewart, and the two fights against Donovan “Razor” Ruddock.

Later, Richie returned to Tyson’s corner for his second fight against Evander Holyfield, the infamous “bite fight”.

He also trained two times world Cruiserweight champion Jean Marc Mormeck and worked with top fighter Cruiserweight Steve Cunningham as well former world contender Sal “Rocky” Cenicola in the late 1980s.

Richie worked on several Sylvester Stallone movies and worked with Stallone on boxing promotions in the New York City area.

Richie Giachetti passed away at 76 yrs old.