Richard Whittington-Egan, British writer and criminologist, Died at 91

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Richard Whittington-Egan was born on October 22, 1924, and died on September 14, 2016.

He was a British writer and criminologist.

Richard was a Liverpool-born writer and criminologist, the author of Liverpool Colonnade and Liverpool Roundabout, two colorful chronicles of Liverpool’s historical characters, crimes and mysteries.

Known as a leading author on true crime over a long period of time, he was knowledgeable also as an expert on Jack the Ripper.

His literary career started in 1955 when he published Liverpool Colonnade, a study of his native city.

That book was soon followed by Liverpool Roundabout, another colourful book of essays on Liverpudlian history, with particular emphasis on ghosts, criminals and various historical oddities.

During 1969, he published Liverpool Soundings and in 1972 the well illustrated Liverpool: This is my City.

During the 1980s, his early Liverpool books were reissued in the popular Liverpool Dossier series.

During 2002, Richard published Liverpool Echoes and Liverpool Shadows, two more books of essays on Liverpool history. Yet another volume, Liverpool Landfall, was published in 2016.

Richard Whittington-Egan passed away at 91 years old.