Richard Marcotte, Canadian politician, Died at 69


Richard Marcotte died on May 23, 2016.
He was a Canadian politician.
Richard was appointed as the mayor of Mascouche, Quebec, Canada from 1992 to 2012, and was a candidate for the Quebec Liberal Party in Masson for the 2003 provincial election.
The officials issued an arrest warrant for Marcotte,On April 17, 2012 who was vacationing in Cuba at the time.
Marcotte was arrested on April 19, 2012, following his return from Cuba, for Allegations of corruption
Reports were that he allegedly to have accepted a vacation on the yacht of businessman Tony Accurso in exchange for giving Accurso’s companies favourable business dealings with the city of Mascouche and local water treatment agencies.
Richard has been charged with fraud, conspiracy, acts of corruption within municipal government, breach of trust and fraud against government.
Marcotte resigned as mayor on November 30, 2012, although he stated that his reason for resigning was a family member’s health rather than the corruption charges.
Richard Marcotte passed away at 69 yrs old.