Richard Klinkhamer, Dutch writer, Died at 78


Richard Klinkhamer/ˈriʃɑrt ˈklɪnkɦa was born on March 15, 1937 and died in January 2016.

He was a Dutch writer.

He was sentenced to six years in prison for manslaughter in 2000 after killing his wife and hiding her body.

His wife was reported missing.

He wrote a new book called ‘Woensdag Gehaktdag’, after taking it to his publisher and was turned down because of the content, he became, he had describe ways in which he could kill.

Richard was question but no sufficient evidence was found so the case against him dropped.

A few years after he relocated to Amsterdam, his wife body was found in the shed under the concrete.

Eventually he had confessed.

Richard Klinkhamer passed away at 78 yrs old.