Ricardo Cardona, Boxer, Died at 63

Ricardo Cardona was born on November 9, 1952, in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia, and died October 11, 2015.

He was a Boxer.

He was one of the first world boxing champion Colombia.

Kid Pambelé followed him and Rodrigo Valdes.

Cardona received the universal scepter at bantamweight WBA on May 7, 1978 in Seoul facing Soo-Hwan Hong whom he knocked out.

In total Cardona made six title defenses, five of them successful.

Inexplicably, the sash that identified him as world champion was presented 29 years later by the hands of management and leadership Jorge Humberto Klee

Just a few years ago, Ricardo gave battle to the national government to recognize that you are your brother a pension that was finally granted.

Prudencio suffers from Parkinson.

The boxer, Ricardo Prudencio and was one of the few world champions brothers in boxing history.

He left behind his brother Prudencio, a world champion boxer.

Ricardo Cardona fought against the Argentinean Sergio Victor Palma, whom he faced two times and in such confrontations remain great friends.

Ricardo Cardona passed away at 63 yrs old.