Rezo Cheishvili, Georgian writer, Died at 82

Revaz Benediktovich “Rezo” Cheishvili was born on April 24, 1933, in Kutaisi, Georgian, and died on September 11, 2015, in Kutaisi.

He was a Georgian Soviet writer and scriptwriter.

Cheishvili published his first narratives in youth journal ‘Tsiskari’, when he was still a student.

He served as an Editor at the cinema studio ‘Georgian Film’, he was a member of the Scenario Board, and member and one of the Heads of Creative Union.

He was a host of the Rustaveli Community, Editor in Chief of newspaper ‘Motsameta’ and journal ‘Mtsvane Kvavili’.

Rezo Cheishvili has produced several short films including; ‘My Friend Nodari’ and the famed Tsisferi Mtebi.

Rezo Cheishvili completed Blue Mountains, which was released in 1985, brought true him success.

After, he became a laureate of the Rustaveli Award.

In 1992, at an Assembly of the Georgian Writers’ Union, he was elected a Secretary of the Union.

From 1992-95 Rezo worked as an elected MP in the third Parliament of Georgia.

Rezo served as a Chairman of the Literature Foundation of Georgian Write, in 2000.

Rezo Cheishvili passed away at 82 yrs old.