Renato López, Mexican actor and television host, Died at 33

  Actor, Music

Renato López Uhthoff was born in 1983 in Mexico City, and died on November 23, 2016.

He was a Mexican television host, actor, and musician.

When he was at an early age his family took him to live in the United States: Los Angeles, Miami and New York – as a result of that he spoke both Spanish and English like a native.

Rebato performed in commercials and modeled at 6 years old.

López had a small music production company in Los Angeles and a music studio in Mexico City.

López was brother of the Swedish singer Denise Lopez.

Renato López was a guitarist for the rock band The Prom Kings and previously hosted music shows on Mun2, such as El show and Vivo.

He had an homonymous TV show on Telehit which started on March 14, 2011.

His body and that of his publicist Omar Girón Juárez were found with bullet wounds in a car in a rural village about 20 km west of the suburban area of Lomas Verdes in the northwestern part of Greater Mexico City.

The local law enforcement reported a shootout the previous night, however, the authorities do not have a definitive conclusion as to what happened.

Renato López passed away at 33 years old.