Raul Rekow, American percussionist, Died at 61


Raul Rekow was born on June 10, 1954, in San Francisco, California, and died November 1, 2015.

He was an American percussionist (Santana).

From the year 1976 to 2013, Raul played congas, bongos and other percussion in Santana.

The name Rekow goes to a German grandfather from Coburg back.

At the tender age of 15, he collaborated with a band called Soul Sacrifice Santana songs.

Rekow played in Malo, the band of Carlos’ brother Jorge Santana, and from 1972 to 1976 at Sapo, another band of Chicano scene.

Raul Rekow began learning with the trumpet and French horn, but had prefer drums.

When he saw 1967 Santana Blues Band in the Cow Palace (San Francisco), it inspired him to move to congas.

In 1976, Raul began the recording of the Festival album as a substitute for the ailing Armando Peraza invited to Santana.

Apart from a two-year hiatus (1988 to 1989) he stayed until Summer 2013 an integral part of the band.

Armando Peraza, was on the scene long before Santana.

They were one of the best percussionists of Latin Jazz, he was at Santana until the late nineties, the teacher and mentor of Rekow.

Raul also worked with other musicians such as John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Tremaine Hawkins and Herbie Hancock.

In 1985, Raul was involved in The project ROAR with Armando Peraza and other Santana colleagues.

In 1999, he received the Grammy Awards for the mega-hit album ‘Supernatural case’, for which he shared with the other eleven Santana musicians.

Raul has tainted the world with his music, and will be remembered as one of the world’s most renowned conga players.

Raul Rekow passed away at 61 years old.