Rasim Aliyev, Azerbaijani journalist, died at 30

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Rasim Aliyev, born on August 16, 1984 and died August 9, 2015, he was a journalist and humans rights activist in Azerbaijan.

He was a member member of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS).

After a football match between Cyprus and Azerbaijan, Aliyev criticized national player Javid Huseynov for being “amoral”.

Rasim Aliyev was then beaten by those loyal to Huseynov and ultimately died in the hospital. He was 30 years old.
Rasim Aliyev was born on 16 August 1984. He was a graduate of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

He began working for the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) since 2007, becoming its chairman in October 2014. In the early stages of his career with IRFS, Aliyev was a researcher of human rights and monitored the local courts of Azerbaijan.

Aliyev underwent growing pressure from IRFS opponents and in 2013, he was beaten.

The incident was photographed and its photograph became a widely known.

Employed by the IRFS’s television channel Objective TV as an editor in 2010.

Objective TV was an independent online news source which regularly reported on issues concerning human rights.

Objective TV was forcefully shutdown in August 2014 by Azerbaijani law authorities.

In July 2015, Aliyev published photographs of police brutality.

He then received numerous death threats and blackmail. Aliyev appealed to law enforcement for protection, but was never granted.