Ranganath, Indian Telugu actor, Died at 66


Tirumala Sundara Sri Ranganath died on December 19, 2015, he was an Indian Telugu film actor.

Tirumala acted in some 300 films and played social and mythological roles.

He was born in Madras in 1949.

Tirumala birth name is Tirumala Sundara Sri Ranganath.

He graduated (B.A.) from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and worked as a ticket collector in Indian Railways for some time.

Tirumala was survived by two daughters and a son.

He made his debut as hero with the film ‘Chandana’ in 1973. ‘Panthulamma’ gave him the first break in films and he never looked back thereafter.

Till date, Tirumala acted in over 300 films. While 50 of them were the roles of Protagonist, 50 Others were that of Antagonist.

Tirumala directed a film starring Sivaji Raja & Rathi, and even penned a book explaining his insights on acting.

He entered films and acted first time in Budhimantudu in 1969.

Giribabu gave him the chance to act as Hero in Chandana in 1974.

Subsequently, Tirumala has acted in lead roles in Zamindarugari Ammayi, Devatalara Deevinchandi, Panthulamma, Intinti Ramayanam, America Ammayi and Andame Anandam and established in the field of Telugu cinema.

Tirumala acted in some of the most melodious Telugu cinema song numbers.

Tirumala Ranganath passed away at age 66 in December 2015.