Ramón Palomares, Venezuelan poet, Died at 80


David Ramón Sánchez Palomares was born on May 7, 1935, in Escuque and died on March 4, 2016.

He was a Venezuelan poet.

During 1975, after received the National Prize for Literature; in 2006 the first Víctor Valera Mora International Prize for Poetry; and in 2010 the Ibero-America Award for Literature.

He had worked as a teacher in the San Cristóbal Normal School, in 1952.

After 6 years, he graduated as Professor of Literature in the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas.

Also, he taught in secondary schools in Nueva Esparta and Trujillo states, also in the capital city, Caracas.

In the University of the Andes graduates in Literature.

His first poetry book: El Reino (The Kingdom) (1958), is sponsored by the intellectual group Sardio.

In 1963, he was a part of the aesthetic movement El Techo de la Ballena, and participates as editor in the magazine Rayado sobre el Techo.

The same year come up with the poem El ahogado (The drowned), with the art of Mateo Manaure.

In 1965, he was awarded with the Municipal Poetry Prize of Caracas by Paisano, and presents Honras Fúnebres (Funeral).

For the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Caracas, Ramón Palomares wrote the poem Santiago de León de Caracas (1967), that recreates moments of city’s history.

In 1975, he received the National Prize for Literature for Adiós Escuque (Goodbye Escuque).

During 1991, the first Mariano Picón Salas Biennial of literature, tribute his career.

During 1997 in the VI Poetry Week, organized by the Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde Foundation, was also an homage Palomares.

In 2001, Ramón Palomares earned an honorary degree from the University of the Andes, along with poets Rafael Cadenas and Juan Sánchez Peláez.

Ramón Palomares passed away at 80 yrs old.