Rafael Freyre, Mexican cartoonist, Died at 98

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Rafael Freyre was born on November 3, 1917, in the port of Veracruz, and died on November 6, 2015.

He was a Mexican cartoonist.

Rafael, illustrations was also admired by many, even TV news “24 hours”. In 1979 he received the national prize of journalism.

From 1938 to 1988 Freyre work was introduced in “The plastic Hall of the National Institute of fine arts, he received an exhibition of his drawings in 1966 and in 1988, the National Autonomous University of Mexico mounted the exhibition.

In 1958, The Inter-American press society awarded him, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the “Mergentaller” award, that gathered 200 illustrators from different countries of the region.

Apparently, the drawing of the frog which added as a signature of its cartons was influenced by one of his uncles, and what his uncle allegedly did with his person and an advertisement for a brand of cigars of the time it was drawn.

This encourages the “illustration of the frog”.

Rafael, in 1943 published the “Inns of Excelsior” by Carlos Denegri, signing both as “Ric” and “Rac”, and two years later received The National Editor Association contract, from the United States.

“Duel of sketchers” program, was transmitted in three stages between 1953 and 1961.”

Rafael Freyre passed away at age 98 in November 2015.