Radu Beligan, Romanian actor, Died at 97

Radu Beligan was born on December 14, 1918, and died on July 20, 2016.
He was a prolific Romanian actor, director and essayist.
Radu has been active in theater, film, television and radio, for over 70 years.
Reportedly, Guinness World Records said that, on December 15, 2013, the actor received the title of “The oldest active theatre actor” on the planet.
In 2004, Beligan was elected honorary member of the Romanian Academy.
Radu made his debute in theater at the age of 20 years, in the play Crime and Punishment after Fyodor Dostoyevsky, directed by Mihai Zirra, on the stage of Muncă și Lumină Theatre in Bucharest.
Beligan first role in a film was that of A Stormy Night (Romanian: O noapte furtunoasă), directed by Jean Georgescu (1943), and the last one The Afternoon of a Torturer (Romanian: După-amiaza unui torționar), directed by Lucian Pintilie (2001).
Nineta Gusti was Beligan’s first wife, an actress, whom he was married for fifteen years.
Dana Crivăț became his second wife(1933–2012), with whom he has a daughter, Ana Maria, a writer, both mother and daughter defected to Germany in 1982 and emigrated to Australia the same year.
Marica Beligan was his 3rd wife (died in 1993), a writer, with whom he has three children: Lamia (b. 1966), an actress, Raluca and Alexandru, employee of the National Bank of Romania.
He died due to a heart attack at “Elias” Hospital, Bucharest, Romania.
Radu Beligan passed away at 97 years old.