Puerto Rican pianist, Pijuan, Died at 75


José Juan Piñero González was born on August 29, 1942, and died on March 14, 2018.

He better known as Pijuán was a Puerto Rican musician.

He was credited on several albums under the record labels Phillips Borinquen, Hit Parade, Kubaney, Discos Melón, TH Records, Private Ranch Records and Musical Records.

Over the next decades, he showcased his vibrant Sextet to Puerto Rican TV viewers, and/or invited local musicians to shows like Show Coca-Cola, Sábado a las 12 con Pijuán and Fiestas Fijas con Pijuán – Telemundo Canal 2 (1967-1972); produced and directed La Factoría de la Salsa – TeleSiete (1973-1974); El Show del Mediodía – Channel 4 – WAPA-TV (1974-1976); and again, followed same format for the ‘new’ show Pijuán produced/directed La Nueva Factoría de la Salsa – TeleSiete (1980-1981), Encantados con Maggie (1983-1986) was part of the segment called El show de las 12 produced by Paquito Cordero and hosted by Eddie Miro.

He died at 75 years old.