Pompeyo Márquez, Venezuelan politician and guerrilla, Died at 95


Pompeyo Ezequiel Márquez Millán was born on April 28, 1922 and died on June 21, 2017.
He was a Venezuelan politician and former marxist guerrilla member in the 1960s.
Márquez was one of the founders of Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), and part of the opposition to the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.
During the 1980s Márquez was a member of the Comisión para la Reforma del Estado (COPRE).
In 1989, Márquez was appointed by Carlos Andrés Pérez as a member of the Presidential Committee for Colombian-Venezuelan Border Issues (COPAF) chaired by Ramón J. Velásquez.
Márquez was Minister of Borders of the Government of Rafael Caldera.
Pompeyo Márquez passed away at 95 years old.