Pio Caro Baroja, director and writer, Died at 87


Pio Caro Baroja was born on April 5, 1928, and died on November 30, 2015.

He was a Spanish film and television director, screenwriter, and author.

Pío Baroja was born on 5 April 1928 in Madrid, Spain.

He was the fourth son of the editor Rafael Caro Raggio, who founded the publishing house Editorial Caro Raggio Madrid in 1917.

Pio mother was Carmen Baroja Nessi, a Spanish writer and ethnologist who wrote under the pseudonym Vera Alzate.

He was a nephew of the novelist Pío Baroja and the brother of the Basque anthropologist Julio Caro Baroja.

Pio earned a law degree at the University of Madrid.

He later emigrated to Mexico, where he worked as a film critic and later as a documentary maker.

After the death of his uncle, Pío, Caro returned to Spain, and along with his brother Julio, he devoted himself to documenting Spanish folklore, initially collaborating with No-Do and later with Television Espanola.

Pio also turned to writing. Among his works are El gachupín (“The Spaniard”), En busca de la juventud perdida (“In Search of Lost Youth”), El águila y la serpiente (“The Eagle and the Snake”), and La barca de Caronte (“Charon’s Boat”).

Pio Caro Baroja passed away at age 87 in November 2015.