Peter Bottome, Venezuelan businessman, Died at 78


Peter Bottome Deery was born on December 28, 1937, and died on February 14, 2016.

He was a Venezuelan businessman.

Peeter was a shareholder and the General Director of Venezuelan corporation Empresas 1BC.

Bottome’s parents were Peter Bottome and Katherine Deery.

Then, Katherine Deery got married to William H. Phelps Jr., founder of TV station RCTV.

Peter was the brother of Robert Bottome Deery, owner of VenEconomy, a provider of consultancy on financial, political and economic data in Venezuela.

Mr. Bottome became director of the radio station Radio Caracas Radio, in 1959.

Peter Bottome has contributed to the radio station a new style focused on broadcasting American music.

Bottome’s was one of the first board of directors of RCTV.

However, Mr. Peter Bottome was a senior partner of Venezuelan airline Aerotuy.

Peter Bottome passed away at 78 yrs old.