Pete Shelley

  Music, Writer

English singer, songwriter, and guitarist Peter Campbell McNeish have known professionally as Pete Shelley was born on April 17, 1955, and died on December 6, 2018.

He was best known as the leader of Buzzcocks.

Shelley formed Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto after the two met at the Bolton Institute of Technology (now the University of Bolton) during 1975 and subsequently traveled to High Wycombe, near London, to see the Sex Pistols.

In 1976, the Buzzcocks debuted in Manchester, opening for the Sex Pistols.

Margaret and John McNeish were his parents.

His mother was an ex-mill worker in the town, while John was a fitter at the nearby Astley Green Colliery.

Pete Shelley had a younger brother, Gary.

He passed away on the morning of 6 December 2018, of a suspected heart attack, in Estonia where he was living. His brother, Gary McNeish, announced his death on Facebook.

He died at 63 years old.


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