Pero Simić, Bosnian Serb journalist and historian, Died at 70

Petar “Pero” Simić was born on July 2, 1946, and died on October 11, 2016.

He was a Bosnian Serb journalist and historian.

Pero Simić was most notable for authoring the first complete political biography of Josip Broz Tito, which has been published in all languages of the former Yugoslavia, in seven editions with a circulation of 58,500 copies, under the titles Tito, secret of the century and Tito the phenomenon of the century.

That book has been translated into Polish and German and will soon be published in Bulgarian and other world languages.

He was born in Skočić near Zvornik, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia.

Pero Simić finished primary school in Skočić and Kozluk near Zvornik, then went to high school in Zvornik, Lukavac and Loznica.

Pero moved to Belgrade for post-secondary education, graduating from the University of Belgrade’s School of Economics.

Pero Simić passed away at 70 years old.