Peeter Luksep, politician, died at 60

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Peeter Luksep, born 29 January 1955 and died September 8, 2015.

He was a Swedish politician, Member of Parliament for the Conservatives 1991-1994.

Peeter began his studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1974.

He earned a business degree in 1981 and received the title of Master of Business Administration.

Peeter was MP for the Moderate Party 1991 to 1994 and Deputy Director at Wine & Spirits.

He founded together with Gunnar Hokmark, Holmberg and Andres K√ľng Monday Movement.

Peeter came from Estonia and was a member of Sweden Estonians’ associations.

Peeter Luksep died at age 60 on September 8, 2015.