Pavel Chernev, Bulgarian politician, Died at 46

Pavel Mihaylov Chernev was born on July 10, 1969, and died on March 19, 2016, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He was a Bulgarian politician and lawyer.

Pavel was also one of the MPs who opposed the Independence of Kosovo.

Chernev was formerly a member of the Attack and was widely regarded as Volen Siderov’s right-hand man.

While he spent time in Ataka, he was among the members.

He played a role in steering the party away from radical nationalists and activists with admiration for Neo-Nazi ideas.

Pavel had parted ways with the party in 2006 following the development of a conflict of interest with the party leader in the aftermath of his and Siderov’s controversial involvement in a traffic dispute with another driver.

Then when went on to take took in the October 2007 Sofia municipal elections and finished in 10th place out of 41 candidates.

Pavel performed in the Bulgarian comedy film Mission London together with Yulian Vergov, a childhood friend, on 2010.

As an actor, he is usually typecast in tough-guy or villainous roles.

He was a candidate in 2011 to become President of Bulgaria as a member of the Party for the People of the Nation (Bulgarian: Партия за Хората от Народа), receiving 0.24% of the votes cast.

Pavel Chernev took part in the Bulgarian version of VIP Brother, in 2013.

He was against the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union and has called for the holding of a referendum on the matter.

Pavel Chernev views have been described by political scientists such as Ognyan Minchev as uncompromisingly pro-Russian.

During the 2014 Crimean crisis, Chernev was one of the Orthodox Dawn (Bulgarian: Православна Зора, Pravoslavna Zora) members who helped recruit and organize a small number of Bulgarian volunteers who travelled to Crimea in order to support the Russian operations.

Pavel Chernev passed away at 46 yrs old.