Paulo Machava, Mozambican journalist, shot dead

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Dead. Paulo Machava, died on August 28, 2015, he was shot and killed in Maputo, Mozambique, he was a Mozambican journalist.

He started his career as a journalist at Mozambique’s public radio Rádio Moçambique in the 1980s.

Machava presented a radio show called Onda Matinal (“Morning Wave”), in which he talked about Maputo’s organised crime.

After Mozambique’s democratisation and the introduction of the multi-party system Machava moved to Savana, a weekly newspaper know for being critical of the government, where he became editor-in-chief.

In this position he investigated the scandal around the privatisation of the state-owned Banco Comercial de Moçambique.

Later he moved to the weekly newspaper Zambeze, but stayed only for a short time before moving to the publishing house of Ericino de Salema.

There he founded the electronic newspaper Diário de Notícias and Embondeiro. Besides being a journalist, he also worked as a consultant for Maputo’s gated community “Kaya Kwanga”.

In the morning of August 28, 2015, Machava was on his way back to his home from his morning sports in the centre of Maputo at the corner Avenida Vladimir Lenine / Avenida Augustinho Neto, when a car passed by and hit him intentionally by four shots. He died at the crime site.