Paul Hollingdale, British radio personality, Died at 79

Paul Hollingdale was born Paul Wynn on March 30, 1938 and died July 5, 2017.

He was a British radio presenter.

Hollingdale presented the first ever programme broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Breakfast Special.

Hollingdale had presented a show on CNBC in 1962, and can claim to be Britain’s first ever pirate radio disc jockey.

He was also the first presenter on Radio 210 in Reading, launching the station in 1976 with The Breakfast Show which ran from 6.00 am to 10.00 am.

For a short period, he also presented an evening show, between 9.00pm and midnight two days a week, giving him just six hours from the finish of one show to the start of the next.

Hollingdale returned to Radio 2 for a special show to mark the 40th anniversary of the station on September 30th 2007.

During 1979, Hollingdale opened Blue Danube Radio, an English language station in Vienna, Austria, and contributed to the station until it closed in 2000.

Later, he relocated to Vienna, where he worked as a broadcaster and film commentator until his death in Brighton.

Paul Hollingdale passed away at 79 years old.