Patricia Thompson, American philosopher, Died at 89


Patricia J. Thompson, also known as Yelena Vladimirovna Mayakovskaya was born on June 15, 1926, and died on April 1, 2016.

She was an American philosopher and author of more than 20 books.

Thompson was one of the two known children of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, the other being Gleb-Nikita Lavinsky (1921–1986), which was kept a secret until 1991.

She became a professor of philosophy and women’s studies at Lehman College in New York.

Patricia published a book describing her parents’ love affair, based on her mother’s unpublished memoirs and their conversations.

Following the death of her mother and the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991, she traveled to Russia with her son, where they were welcomed with respect.

From then Patricia keeps a dual name, Patricia Thompson and Yelena Vladimirovna Mayakovskaya.

Since 2015 she wished to learn Russian, which she can not speak anymore, and obtain Russian citizenship.

Patricia Thompson passed away at 89 yrs old.