Olimpo López, Colombian pastry chef, Died at 97

  Dead Famous

Olimpo Lopez died October 16, 2015, he was a Colombian pastry chef.

In 1972, he created the most famous delicacy in Colombia, called the Chocoramo.

97-year-old Don Olympus, as known in the country, elaborated that bar covered in chocolate square meal, no other product has been able to unseat.

The famous Chocoramo, which is part of the food company Ramo, is the third most recognized brand Colombians, according to the firm Raddar.

No wonder, it is the product that best buy in its category in the domestic market, with 90% of sales. The recipe, according to local media, is in the safe of an US bank.

The pastry Chocoramo was the symbol of Colombians.

The packaging, orange and blue letters, and its flavour have remained intact since it was created. In recent years, that product has been derived spreadable cream and other forms consumed, but traditional, is still king.

The Chocoramo represents 80% of company revenue bouquet and it is no exaggeration to say that there is a Colombian who has never tasted.

Olimpo was the man who kept one of the best hidden culinary secrets of Colombia, suffered an illness that kept him away from the office during his last days of life.

He passed away at age 97 in October 2015.