Norwegian politician, Åge Hovengen, Died at 90


Åge Hovengen was born on December 21, 1927, in Brandbu and died on October 19, 2018.

He was a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.

During 1977, Åge Hovengen was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from Oppland and was re-elected on two separate occasions.

Previously, Hovengen was appointed deputy representative during the term 1973–1977.

He served as a representative from 1973 to 1976, filling the seat of Thorstein Treholt who was appointed to the second cabinet Bratteli.

Locally, Hovengen was a member of Vestre Slidre municipal council from 1963 to 1977.

Other than politics, Hovengen worked as a car mechanic.

Hovengen was also active in the Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union.

Åge Hovengen gained the Fritt Ord Honorary Award during 2002.

Åge Hovengen passed away at 90 years old.


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