Norman C. Pickering, engineer and inventor, Died at 99

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Norman C. Pickering was born on July 9, 1916, and died on November 18, 2015.

He was an engineer, musical instrument designer, inventor and co-founder of the Audio Engineering.

Norman most famous inventions are the modern Pickering cartridge, a high-fidelity, jewel-tipped phonographic cartridge, and the Pickering pickup.

After Norman left the audio technology company he founded, Pickering & Company.

He also developed ultrasound diagnostic techniques.

Norman studied violin acoustics, and constructed 37 violins.

Norman joined the fledgling Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, playing 3 seasons in the horn section, and in 1940, he joined C. G. Conn (now Conn-Selmer), a leading manufacturer of musical instruments in Elkhart, Ind.

In which he helped design instruments, including a Conn model French.

He left behind his: wife Barbara a daughter, Judith Crow; three sons, David, Frederick and Rolf Pickering; two stepsons, Alexander and Boris Goldowsky; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Norman C. Pickering passed away at 99 yrs old due to cancer.