Noriyoshi Ohrai, Japanese illustrator, Died at 79

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Noriyoshi Ohrai was born in 1935, and died on October 27, 2015 from pneumonia.

Noriyoshi was a Japanese illustrator.

One of his works is an illustration for the international Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back poster.

His son, OhraiTar Ohrai is also an artist in Japan.

Noriyoshi was born in Akashi, Hyogo prefecture, Japan in 1935.

In the department of Tokyo University of the Arts, he has begun to work as an illustrator since 1962.

In 1973 Noriyoshi moved to the Miyazaki city where his wife came from.

In 1980 his image illustration of “Star Wars” which he posted to a science fiction magazine caught the eye of George Lucas.

With Lucas’s request, Noriyoshi illustrated the poster for the international Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back poster which made him famous internationally.

In 2014 and 2015 he had exhibitions of his works in Miyazaki.

Noriyoshi passed away at age 79 on October 27, 2015