Nigerian politician and military commander Joseph Achuzie, Died at 90

Joseph “Hannibal” Achuzie was born in 1929 and died on February 2018.
He was a Major in the Biafran Army.
Before he joined the Biafran Army in May 1967 Achuzie had been a soldier in the Nigerian Army but fled to the southeast in fear of anti-Igbo sentiment among his fellow soldiers.
On September 20, 1967, after Biafran soldiers were forced to retreat across the River Niger Bridge into Onitsha, he was promoted to Major and given command of the Biafran 11th Battalion, responsible for defending the area between Atani and Ndoni from an imminent Nigerian attack.
Then following the Biafran 18th Battalion under Colonel Assam Nsudoh was forced to retreat from Onitsha after 8 days of bloody house-to-house fighting, the 11th Battalion under Maj.
He made connections with the 18th Battalion east of the city and made plans to counter-attack.
The 18th Battalion swung south along the Old Market Road while the 11th Battalion under Maj.
Achuzie swung north along the New Market Road in a coordinated Pincer movement.
Over 5,000 Nigerian men, in the 2nd Division stationed in Onitsha were either massacred or taken prisoner by Achuzie’s men.
Following Achuzie was released from prison in 1970 he officially retired from military activities and moved to Asaba, his home-town.
Achuzie lived there as of February 2018 when he died.
Achuzie died at 90 years old.