Nicola Tanda, Italian literary critic and philologist, Died at 88

Nicola Tanda was born in 1928, in Sorso, Sardinia, and died on June 4, 2016, in London.

He was an Italian philologist and literary critic.

Nicola was taught by Ungaretti and Sapegno at Rome.

He spent over thirty years as a professor at the University of Sassari, first specialising in Italian literature, and then later in Sardinian philology and Sardinian literature.

He proved himself as a leading advocate for minority languages and also literary expression in the land of Sardinia including the Sardinian language and Algherese Catalan.

For that, Tanda was an honorary member of ANPOSDI.

Nicola Tanda originated the new Philology of Italians based on the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. He was founder and President of the Sardinian PEN Club.

Nicola Tanda was the President of the jury of the Premio Ozieri literary prize founded in 1956 to promote new works composed in Sardinian tongues.

In 2003, Tanda founded the Centre for Study of Sardinian Philology.

As an editor/director, Nicola Tanda has guided the publication of over 100 volumes written in Sardinian languages.

Nicola Tanda passed away 88 yrs old.