Nick Pappas, Football player & coach, Died at 99

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Nick Pappas, who was also called “Mr. Trojan”, died on October 23, 2015.

He spent 59 years as a football player, coach and administrator at Southern California.

Nick Pappas was a Trojan tailback from 1935-1937.

pappas spent two years in pro football with the Hollywood Bears, he returned to coach USC freshman football.

Nick was the stunt double for Pat O’Brien in the 1940 movie “Knute Rockne, All American.”

After his sixth season as a pro scout, Pappas returned to USC, first as a scout, then assistant coach and later associate athletic director.

He helped make USC’s Trojan Club a successful donor group and remained active in endowment work for two decades after retiring.

Nick Pappas passed away on October 23, 2015.