Nick Dupree, American disability rights activist, Died at 34

Nick Dupree was born on February 23, 1982, and died on February 18, 2017.

He was a disability rights activist and writer.

Dupree’s campaign labeled “Nick’s Crusade” resulted in a special program for 30 ventilator-dependent Alabamians (including himself and his younger brother) to continue home care after they turn 21 years old

He resided in New York City since 2008 with his partner Alejandra Ospina, who is also a disability rights activist.

During 2010, the couple held a public commitment ceremony in New York’s Central Park, conducted in part to dramatize concern that people with disabilities are dissuaded from marrying because of U.S. government rules that could cause them to lose disability benefits if they were married.

He enjoyed writing and was working on his memoir.

He had an unknown muscular disorder believed to be related to the metabolic cycle and carnitine.

Because to his disability, he depended on a ventilator to breathe, and used a wheelchair, though he was often bedbound.

Dupree worked, created art, and communicated via the computer by using his thumb on a trackball mouse.

Dupree clicked out text on the computer screen using KeyStrokes, an on-screen keyboard.

Nick Dupree passed away at 34 years old.