Nelly de Vries-Lammerts, supercentenarian, died at 110

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Dead. Nellij Hendrika Marie “Nelly” de Vries-Lammerts, born May 5, 1905 and died on August 27, 2015, he was a Dutch supercentenarian.

She held that title since the death of the 111-year-old Egbertje Leutscher-de Vries on 14 August 2014.

She lived in a nursing home in Amersfoort.

De Vries was born to Lambertus Alphonsus Lammerts and Johanna Henderika Draisma.

She lived in succession in Rotterdam, Doorwerth, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Utrecht.

She married in 1933 to De Vries, and, in 1935, the couple moved to Amersfoort.

They had six children. Her husband died in 1969.

De Vries-Lammerts got her drivers license at the age of 65 and drove until the age of 86.

She died in the early morning of 27 August 2015, at age 110.