Nawshirwan Mustafa, Iraqi Kurdish politician, Died at 73


Nawshirwan Mustafa was born in 1944 in the old quarter of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq and died on May 19, 2017.
He was the General Coordinator of the Movement for Change and the leader of the official opposition in the Kurdistan Region.
He was the eldest of two sons of Mustafa Émin.
His grandfather Émin Khider was a financier of the Kingdom of Kurdistan and its government according to the newspaper Pêşkewtin.
Nawshirwan Mustafa the name means the immortal soul, was named by his father after the twentieth Sassanid Emperor Khusro I Anōšīravān (dadgar).
Since the city founded in 1784, Silemani has been the seat of the Mustafa family.
But unlike Kurdistan’s other prominent political leaders Masoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani, Mustafa hails from a city not a village and is not a member of a tribe.
Nawshirwan Mustafa passed awway at 73 years old.