Nauro Machado, Brazilian poet, Died at 80

Nauro Machado died on November 28, 2015.

He was a Brazilian poet.

Nauro Machado was a self taught poet, who became notable in his work.

Nauro has publish over thirty seven books.

His work gain recognition by the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL).

Machado work was said to be, now recorded into Brazilian literature history.

Nauro launched his latest book on November 12, 2014, called “Esophagus Terminal”.

The book was inspired by his fight against cancer of the esophagus that began in 2012.

Nauro Machado passed way at 80 yrs of age.

He wrote:
It occupies the space that is not mine, but the universe.
My body size of space here, filling useless kilograms one meter seventy-two centimeters, the human break.
Voices tell me, hey, you there! And send me beat droppings services the fallen papers
a Remington machine, or otherwise.
And send me to hell, if hell were worse than this inhuman bureaucratic exist.
And then there’s the scorn of my province.
And my life up and down, up down without umbilical broken bridge, root living dead innocence.
Strangers to each other, what do I do here?
And then no one knows even the space I occupy unnecessary space legs and arms filling the void I am.
And the world, sad bronze of a cracked bell, the world will remain the same without my distress share and without my share of anything.