Nadir Seyidov, Azerbaijan scientist, Died at 83

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Nadir Seyidov, born April 28, 1932, and died October 5, 2015, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Nadir was an outstanding Azerbaijani scientist, a Doctor of Chemistry in 1968, and a Professor in 1969, he was a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1989 by NASA.

In 1955, Nadir Seyidov graduated from Azerbaijan State University Chemistry Department.

Among his achievements, he contributed over 300 published scientific works, and scientific work aboard, the 250 and 102 patents, these including 16 patents issued abroad are available.

He was highly appreciated by the leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nadir Seyidov passed away in Baku on October 5, 2015.