Nadia Menaz, British model, Died at 24

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Nadia Menaz was found hanged five months after taking out a court order to stop her family, forcing her into an arranged marriage, an inquest heard.

She committed suicide by hanging herself.

Mother of one Nadia, age 24, was discovered at her home in Oldham in May.

The inquest was told she was already married in an Islamic ceremony, but the union was not recognised under English law and her family did not approve of her husband.

It was claimed that Nadia was so troubled by her ‘very strained’ relationship with her parents, she suffered depression, cut her legs and cut off her hair during bouts of self harm.

Nadia eventually took out a court order to stop her mother and father and three siblings forcing her into another marriage.

Five months later she was found dead at her home.

The hearing was told Nadia – the second youngest child of five sisters and three brothers – had been a former army cadet and harboured ambitions of joining the police.

But after she left home at 16, she began modelling, arranged photo shoots for other models and worked as a wedding planner and flower arranger.

Nadia passed away at age 24 in 2015.