N. Ramani, Indian flutist, Dies at 81

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Dr. Natesan Ramani, born on October 15, 1934 and died October 9, 2015, commonly known as N. Ramani or N. Flute Ramani, was an eminent Indian Carnatic flutist. Ramani is also credited for introducing the long flute in Carnatic music.

Ramani was born in Tiruvarur, a city in Tamil Nadu which is honoured by its association with the Trinity of Carnatic music.

Ramani was born into a family of flautists. Ramani first learnt music from his grandfather, Sri Aazhiyur Narayanaswami Iyer, a well known flute artist and singer himself.

Aware of young Ramani’s keen interest in the Carnatic flute, Ramani’s initiation to Carnatic music began at the age of five.

He performed his very first concert at the age of 8.

The turning point in Ramani’s career was when he became a disciple of his maternal uncle and eminent flautist, the late T. R. Mahalingam (known more commonly as “Flute Mali”), who first popularised the Carnatic flute in Indian music.

By the age of 11 years, Ramani accompanied his guru T. R. Mahalingam in a concert for the first time.

He suffered from multiple ailments during the last years of his life, and did not appear in much programmes.

N. Ramani died on 9 October 2015, less than a week short of his 81st birthday.