Mor Yong, Thai astrologer and civil agitator, Died at 54

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Mor Yong was born Suriyan Ariyawongsopon in Trang province, and died on November 8, 2015.

He was a prominent Thai astrologer and civil agitator.

Mor the fortune-teller Suriyan Sujaritpolwong, one of the country’s top astrologers.

In an article, allegedly Mor wrote that when he was a young boy, he was hit by a car and knocked out unconscious.

During the several days he was unconscious, he had claimed he had many visions that helped him become an astrologer when he grew up.

He is now the famous astrologer, as we know, he started after he graduated from university.

Mor clientele included celebrities and famous figures from both Thailand and overseas.

Mor Yong passed away at 54 years old due to septicemia.