Mitrasen Yadav, Indian politician, died at 81

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Mitrasen Yadav, born on July 11, 1934 and died September 7, 2015, he was an Indian politician.

In 1966, he was sentenced to life for the double murder of two brothers.

In 1972, under the chief ministership of Indian National Congress leader Kamalapati Tripathi, he was granted Governor’s pardon for his murder conviction.

He was from Faizabad and joined various political parties including Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party and Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party.

He was elected five times to the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha and twice to the national parliament.

In 1998 he joined the Samajwadi Party and was elected to the national legislature (12th Lok Sabha) from Faizbad constituency.

In 1996 he was charged in the murder of Bhavanipher Yadav and also for attacking witnesses to the crime.

In 2007, he was involved in the human-trafficking case, where four MPs were taking people abroad on diplomatic passports as their relatives.

In 2007, his son, Anand Sen Yadav, became a cabinet minister from jail in the 2004 Mayawati cabinet; but he had to resign after being convicted for brutally murdering his girlfriend.

In 2009, after Mitrasen was implicated in human trafficking and his son was convicted for murder, he was dropped by Mayawati as a “liability”.

He then re-joined the Samajwadi Party, but lost the parliamentary election.

At his death he represented Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party in the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha from the Bikapur constituency, having won the 2012 Uttar Pradesh Elections with a narrow margin of 1868 votes.

Mitrasen Yadav died on 7 September 2015 at age 81.