Misye Arsita, Indonesian actress, Died at 51


Misye Arsita was born on January 12, 1964, in Kediri, East Java, and died in Kediri on November 5, 2015.

Called born Misniarti was an actor and singer of Indonesia.

She was an Indonesian actress and as a singer for the song “The Cold” Sunu creation Boediono.

Misye Arsita began her career as a dangdut singer.

She had won the award for Best Female Actor Maid in the Drama Vidia Cup Soap Opera Festival Indonesia (FSI) in 1996 for the soap opera When Giving When Receiving.

Then Misye played in several films such as Annisa Love (1983), Love Twins (1984) and Ma’rifat Love (2014).

In 2000 Misye joined Ketoprak Humor television show starring the former star Srimulat.

Misye Arsita passed away at age 51 due to tuberculosis of the glands.