Milton Metz, American radio and television host, Died at 95


Milton Metz was born in 1921, in Cleveland, Ohio and died on January 12, 2017.

He was an American radio and television personality in Louisville, Kentucky.

Metz occasionally did commercial work for local radio and television stations until he was unable to due to his health in the last year of his life.

During the 1930 census Milton was listed as eight years old, living in Cleveland with his father, Russian-born Solomon Metz, his mother, English-born Sarah (Silverman) Metz, and two older sisters, Florance and Mildred

Milton Metz attended Ohio State University.

Not much was publicized about Metz’s personal life, including his age.

During an interview with columnist Tom Dorsey of The Courier-Journal just prior to the end of his radio show in 1993, Metz would only say, “Let’s just say I’m older than Diane Sawyer and younger than Mike Wallace-” Wallace was 75 at the time.

Milton Metz passed away at 95 years old.