Milt Pappas, American baseball player, Died at 76


Milton Steven “Milt” Pappas was born on May 11, 1939, and died on April 19, 2016.

He was a professional baseball pitcher.

Milt was a 17-year veteran, Pappas, nicknamed “Gimpy”, pitched for the Baltimore Orioles (1957–1965), Cincinnati Reds (1966–1968), Atlanta Braves (1968–1970) and Chicago Cubs (1970–1973).

Also a control specialist, Milt Pappas pitched in 520 games, starting 465, with 209 wins, 164 losses, 43 shutouts, 1,728 strikeouts and a 3.40 ERA in 3,186 innings pitched.

Milt Pappas passed away at 76 yrs old.