Mike Noble


British comic artist and illustrator, Mike Noble was born on September 17, 1930 and died on November 19, 2018

Mike Noble was best known for drawing strips like Fireball XL5 for TV Century 21.

His dad was a stockbroker’s representative who had aesthetic ability himself.

During the war, Noble was emptied, in the same way as other kids, yet came back to London and persevered through a significant part of the rush.

After school Noble received education at the South West Essex Technical College and School of Art where he considered business, as opposed to artistic work.

At 17 years old, Mike Noble joined a publicizing studio, however, found the fastidious proliferation of consistently protests restricted him in degree.

In 1949 Noble was called up for National Service and for year and a half was in the eighth Royal Tank Regiment in North Yorkshire after which he put in three years in the Territorial Army, where his imaginative ability came into great utilize delivering illustrations of military equipment.

Coming back to a similar publicizing studio he chose to proceed onward and landed a position at Cooper’s Studio, London in 1950.

He confesses to taking in a considerable measure from Leslie Caswell, (a craftsman whose figure work in 1950s sentiment magazines, for example, Home Notes and weeklies like Everybody’s and John Bull, are eminent).

His originally distributed funny cartoon (the field in which he was dynamic for 5 decades) was Simon and Sally, a strip for the comic Robin (from Hulton’s line of kids’ funnies).

He remained with Billy Cooper’s studio and contributed spot outlines to national magazines, for example, Titbits, Wide World, Woman, Woman’s Own, and John Bull and the territorial daily paper Birmingham Weekly Post.

In 1958 he began a long keep running of normal work in funnies, with the strip Lone Ranger and Tonto (Express Weekly) trailed by Range Rider for TV Comic.

In 1965 Noble has begun chip away at TV Century 21, outlining Fireball XL5 in shading and, later, Zero-X and Captain Scarlet.

Mike Noble additionally contributed Star Trek to the later manifestation of TV21 yet the unavoidable death of this comic driven him to escape and pursue Alan Fennell (his editorial manager at TV Comic and TV21) in outlining Timeslip in Look-In.

Noble utilization of brilliant shading made him a conspicuous craftsman for his numerous UK fans.

Noble’s work on the consequent strips Follyfoot and The Adventures of Black Beauty demonstrated his ability for dynamic figure fill in and additionally his capacity to draw reasonable creatures.

After a short keep running of different strips Mike Noble was requested to draw, in highly contrasting, another creation from the Gerry Anderson group, Space 1999.

Albeit extremely skilled in illustration equipment (from his work in National Service) he was most cheerful to be requested to draw the Worzel Gummidge strip.

He resigned from delineation yet at the same time contributed pieces to the Fennell recovery of TV21 strips during the 1990s and furthermore delighted in utilizing his gifts locally in outlining a millennial festival blurb for his town and in addition structuring a lychgate and recolored glass windows for his neighborhood church

Mike Noble passed away at 88 years old.


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