Mieke Andela-Baur, Dutch politician, Died at 92


Maria Agnes Henriëtte “Mieke” Andela-Baur (February 5, 1923 in Nieuwenhagen. – 2 January 2016)
She was a Dutch politician.
Baur served as the member of the House of Representatives for the Christian Democratic Appeal between 1976 and 1986.
Before her in-house activities, she was working in the municipal politics of Franekeradeel and in the States of Friesland.
Maria took her primary education in Nieuwenhagen and later attended the HBS in Roermond.
Followed by attending the rural domestic science school in Posterholt until 1945.
She got married in 1948 and took up the name of her husband, who was a farmer.
They had ten children.
Andela-Baur worked on the farm and as a teacher at the domestic science school.
Mrs. Andela-Baur, as a Roman-Catholic, was chair of the Catholic Rural Wives until 1976.
In 1948, she joined the Catholic People’s Party.
She ran for political office in 1970 and was elected to the States of Friesland and later the same year to the municipal council of Franekeradeel as well.
Mieke Andela-Baur was a member of the States between 3 June 1970 and 7 June 1978, and of the municipal council from 1 September 1970 to August 1976.
Between 1976 and 1986 Andela-Baur served four stints in the House of Representatives for first the Catholic People’s Party and from 1980 onwards for the Christian Democratic Appeal.
Her terms in office was between August 24, 1976, to June 8, 1977, August 30, 1978 to June 10, 1981, September 9, 1981 to September 16, 1982, and finally from November 11, 1982, to June 3, 1986.
In the House she was amongst other topics occupied with healthcare, cultural minorities and the Frisian language.
Andela-Baur was made an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau on April 29, 1988.
Mieke Andela-Baur passed away at 92 yrs old.